As usual FANTASTIC!!!! Brilliant race, lots of action, lovely guest company, champagne and strawberries in one of the most iconic places in the world!
The Cameron Family
As usual FANTASTIC!!!!
A brilliant weekend from being met at the airport on Wednesday meant thorough 5* service from GPA. Can't fault the traveling with GPA and would so so again, definitely recommended. A fabulous weekend, many thanks!
Helen & Richard
A brilliant weekend
Monaco in 2008 & 2009 from the Fairmont, Silverstone hospitality with celebrities and Singapore for a week with the best views I can think of – I keep coming back for more because GPA know how to look after their customers well, see you again in 2011!
The Lavelle Family
see you again in 2011
Thanks Ken, Singapore for the past 4 years with you and now Monaco too - love what you do and I know you love what you do!  Keep it up, see you in Singapore!
Vas & Andrea
see you in Singapore
Thanks Kenny, really appreciate you taking care of Polly & me during the Grand Prix this year, next time we'll get in with McLaren or Red Bull yeah?
Sid & Polly
Sid (Ricky from EastEnders)
On Thursday morning we were enjoying what must be the best view in Formula 1 from the roof of the Cafe de Paris. Having an audience with DC at the end of the day was the icing on the cake. We thought that the Thursday would be a hard act to follow but the balcony view and hospitality over the race weekend were superb.
Mr & Mrs Lamb
hard act to follow
I just wanted to thank you for organising our trip to Nice and Monaco last weekend.  Anne and I enjoyed the trip and the GP experience very much, and had huge respect for the thoroughness of your organisation and attention to detail, I hope you and your team had a good time amongst all the stress of being the organiser.
Mr & Mrs James
huge respect

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